somebody stole my car radio
and now i just sit in silence

Just the fact hat he took a minute to fold it is fucking adorable to me. 


Countdown to American Horror Story Freakshow
↳23: Best dressed Murder house: Nora Montgomery


[5/5] → Favorite Characters

Linda (Rae’s mum)


John puts up his new door knocker at Kenwood.  Photographed by Henry Grossman. From the Kenwood Lennon Blog.


Favorite Character Quotes Jason Dean (Heathers)

"Alright, so maybe i am killing everyone in the school because nobody loves me!"


On being asked if she is a feminist (in light of stars such as Shailene Woodley, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson rejecting the label): “I don’t think they really understood what feminism is. It’s a right. Feminism, to me, is standing up for everything that someone else has already done for you. My mom has overcome so much in her life. She makes me want to stand up for myself. Stand up to the studio heads who try to tell me that I can’t have blonde hair; they want brown hair. Or I need bigger boobs, or I need to work out. Or I’m too skinny, so, like, ‘Eat a cheeseburger.’ I stand up for myself every day of my life. I grew up in a family of four boys. I’m, like, a born feminist. I’ve been a feminist since I was four years old.” - Chloe Grace Moretz

The Beatles. Photographed by Philip Jones Griffiths. (1962)